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Our Mission

  • Respect Everyone
  • Engage ALL Participants
  • Support our QP Community by Empowering Families
  • Personalize Learning
  • Effectively Communicate
  • Create Critical Thinkers
  • Teach with High Expectations

Our Vision

We believe that high expectations for teachers and students are essential for all students to grow socially, emotionally, physically, and academically.  Learning will be personalized and aligned with the state standards in order to build critical thinkers.  We believe that building a school community requires all participants to understand and take responsibility for their roles.  We will have honest, effective communication that advocates for ALL Queen Palmer students, staff, and families.  We will empower our families by collaborating with parents and community to provide necessary resources to create a positive home-school connection. 

Queen Palmer Expectations

  • Everyone is Welcome
  • Everyone Reads (15-20 minutes each night)
  • Everyone is Connected to the Internet
  • Students attend school every day and are on time!
  • Every Parent Knows their Child’s Teacher
  • Parents and Teachers Interact and Partner for the Achievement of Students

When we have all of the above in place, ALL students at Queen Palmer will achieve grade level and appropriate academic growth!